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We are glad to welcome you to our website!   

    My name is Alesya Ermoshkina and I will gladly show and tell you about the amazing breed of Pembroke Welsh Corgi and will try my best to make you fall in love with this small shepherd with a big heart!

    Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a shepherd in a ‘small package’.

    Corgi is a cheerful dog always ready to brighten up your mood and keep you company in any activity. Despite their cute looks and sunny disposition they are true shepherds. They are brave and confident dogs, capable to stand up for themselves. Pembrokes are tireless partners in playing with children, loyal companions for walks and outdoor activities. 

    We are a small family kennel.
    Dogs of our kennel were carefully chosen from American and English bloodlines.
   In producers we focus on beautiful face with typical sweet expression of a pembroke, excellent anatomy, stable psyche and breed temperament.
    Our basic breeding principles is saving appearance and breed qualities of a pembroke without appealing to fashion.
    We don’t work for quantity, we work for quality and good temper of our dogs, very carefully considering our breeding options.
    We pay great attention to choosing right owner for our babies. We’re always open to communication and cooperation!